Short for "Laugh my pink ass off"
Me: eww pink is an ugly color.
Pinky: lmpao... hoe your stupid.
by iHatePink October 21, 2009
Top Definition
laughing my pretty ass off.
Jackson was soo funny today!
I know i was lmpao.
by Candicanee July 12, 2009
laugh my pimp ass off
the bitch thought that her shit didn't stink, so i treated her and called her a bitch. LMPAO

the bitch said she didn't make any funds for the evening, so i told her the only way she was getting home was by having my money. LMPAO!!
by notcaptsaveahoe October 27, 2011
Lmpao like Lmao bt with the added 'P' standing for pert
therefore 'Laughing my pert arse off'
only to be used by the pert bottomed.
matt- my knee just hit me really bad so i called the police
by ] August 18, 2007
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