Top Definition
The lmao version of the roflcopter
usually used in chatrooms to show that you are more than lmao-ing
guy1: my dog died
guy2: lmao
guy1: from AIDS
guy2: LMAOCOPTER!!!!!
#lmao #lol #rofl #roflcopter #lmaocopter
by muhlio October 31, 2007
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The act of laughing your ass off, with copter added to the end for extra meaning
Chris: Dude have you been to
Ryne: Yea its funny as hell LMAOCOPTER!!!!
Chris: -.-
Ryne: 0.o
#lmao #copter #roflcopter #lol #lolcopter
by Reneg4d3 November 01, 2007
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