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1 - A llama whore is a phrase born of the recent llama badge craze on deviantart. Normally badges cost points, which must be paid for or given to you by someone else who has paid - however because llama badges are awesome, they are free.

A llama whore is a deviant who simply cannot stop sending llamas, and in return cannot stop receiving them. The more llamas you get, the cooler the llama on your page looks!

Llama whores often frequent places such as 'give a llama, get a llama' groups, and like to favourite artwork with the title 'fave and get a llama!'.
2 - More uncommonly, llama whores are also people who have sex with llamas.
1 - deviant1: OMG i have 5000 llamas! I need to go give out some more to celebrate!

deviant2: hey, if you give me a llama, i'll give you a llama.

deviant1: hell yeah, we can be llama buddies! I love all you llama giving people!

deviant3: haha, you pair of complete llama whores.

deviant1+2: llama whores? damn right we are!!

2 - guy1: is she having sex with that llama?

guy2: you know, i think she might be.

guy1: oh. ew. let's just keep walking and pretend we didn't notice.

guy2: good idea. that's taking llama lovin' a bit too far.

guy1: no wait, look a minute...that llama whore is giving it head!!
- stare open mouthed -
by Pi. April 24, 2010
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