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when you spit out awkward chunks after you eat a big meal, looking like you just did a mini throw up.
Ben: Dude, you just stepped on borat's llama spit!
Tim: Haha thats gross, why didn't you tell me it was there?
by Jeff Dell'Orfano August 06, 2007
7 1

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only the absolute funnyest thing that can happen to someone else.
bob: HAHAHAHAHAHA you just got llama spit on you HASHAAHAHHAHAHA

jon: its not funny *sadness*
by screamer36432 July 22, 2011
4 5
when doing a girl from behind, after blowing your load... you yank her around and spit directly in her face.
Aaron gave Ashly the Llama Spit last night!
by ronald February 17, 2005
6 11