An totally hot, awesome and kick arse mutant from my favourite movie, The Hills Have Eyes (body count 17!). He is so named Lizard because of his almost supernatural agility, and because of the chain of spikes he uses to cause car accidents (as well as hit stupid people with) when he is not using it it drags behind him like a lizard tail. He also shoots people with a magnum. He is very thin, but extremely strong and muscular. He is disfigured with a cleft lip and a deformed jaw, which I think only adds to his legendaryness.
Lizard is the one of the leaders of Jupiter's clan in The Hills Have Eyes, he is also the most violent.
by Lizardlovesme17 November 13, 2007
A lizard from Coventry who looks slightly jewish, shifts gear, allways got his fingers into something dodgy, hates the bosh, and has got irratable bowell syndrome
Like jim out of American Pie on smack, the lizard
by D-A-Z November 29, 2006
Edmonton Alberta slang word used for cigarette
" Yo give me a pull on that hot lizard "
" I call duece on that lizard "
" How's that lizard treating you? "
by Mike sweeny October 11, 2007
A derogatory term used for hookers that hang out at truck stops.
CB conversation: Breaker Breaker 19, does anyone know of any lizards hangin out on I-18.
by Ray February 05, 2003
to be done to a very high standard, or to get a brilliant result from doing a task or job.
you pulled that one off a beauty man, that wuz lizard..!!
as the ball came to him he jumped in the air and cuaght it in spectacular style, turned a shouted.. "WOOOOOOOO, LIZAAAARD..!!"
by ginga chin..! December 09, 2007
The term "lizard" is used to describe a broke pimp. A lizard is when a male and/or female that consider theirselves as pimps, but either their hoes ain't bringing in any money, or they just can't control their hoes. Either way, they're broke then a bitch !
I was up at the pilot truck stop last night on Lancaster Rd, and I heard this hoes talkin bad to here pimp. She said... "Thats why you ain't nothin but a lizard ol' hoe ass nigga !!!!!!!!"
by Dat_Boi_from_Oak_Cliff October 02, 2006
A male who prostitutes himself to other males, see Jadakiss's "Why" remix
"Why did McGreevey get caught with a lizard?"
by TBO August 26, 2004
An awesome animal; scaley changes colour and comes in a variety of colours and shapes!
Jerk: Hey! You love lizard! You suck!
Me: Lizards are so cool!
Jerk: *is stupid*
Me: Your stupid!
by Bayou Bob February 04, 2005
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