when you are Fairly Angry/pissed off about some stuff
I'm Livid.
You got to be livid about that.
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
Top Definition
straight up pissed off.
i had a party while my parents were away and now they're livid because someone set fire to the cat
by TJStarks February 11, 2008
Livid is the Lead Guitarist of the gothic-metal band called L.I.K
Livid is an awesome guitar player, and the band makes really good music!
by Christine89 July 15, 2006
The state one reaches after becoming extremely intoxicated
We were livid last night after we finished 2 handles of Southern Comfort.
by Dubea May 02, 2005
slang for high, baked, throwed, blitz, stoned, jacked etc...
Dude im so livid right now,

bro me too...


Man pass me that so i can get livid as hell

right on man here ya go
by Osirus Mcballs August 28, 2009
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