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1. Any beer. Particularly refers to heavy, full bodied beers, which can be very filling.

2. Guiness, or Irish Breakfast, as it is also called.
1. I don't need lunch; I just had some liquid bread.

2. Guiness is the closest you'll ever get to liquid bread without putting a loaf of Wonderbread into a blender.
by Al February 09, 2004
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A beer with a high specific gravity at the end of fermentation resulting in a dense beer.
I hate when people correlate dark beer with heaviness, I have had pale colored liquid bread, and dark colored session brews
by bozini rollitini June 11, 2010
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beer, especially one rich in nutrients from the yeast used to ferment it
The shelves were full of liquid bread but there wasn't a single bottle of hard cider.
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