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Also known as X-Rated. A pink liquor made from French vodka and the juices of blood oranges, mango, and passion fruit. Rather expensive, and has an amazing taste.
Man, I drank a whole fuckin' bottle of liquid pussy last night, got mad fucked up.
by Johnny Smoke September 21, 2005

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Something that is of extraordinary quality, applies on subjects ranging from kitchen appliances to music. Can also be used as a joke, generally with no specified subject.
This joke was originally invented as a way of saying something that has never been said before, and was later used as a way of being certain that what you said had only been said a certain number of times before. It was only after the 28th of june 2008 the concept of liquid pussy became common.
Oh my god! This is a bottle of liquid pussy!
by Ace, Horseman July 01, 2008