When one of your friend pulls out their testicles and sets it on your forehead unsuspectingly.
Rico got lipton by Matt!
by Kevin Reyes February 07, 2006
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Good mother fuckin' ice tea.
Spence: Eh Yo', I'm drinking Lipton's, what you drinkin B?
Pete: Nestea...
Spence: FUCK YOU!
by Splancer September 19, 2006
They make good yummy ice-t
by London August 17, 2003
To be used as a slang term when someone tea bags. (Sea: Tea Bag)
I gave that girl the Lipton treatment last night and the look on her face was priceless.
by Dexter October 02, 2003
1. A teabag, lickin da balls
I'm pimpin', bitches on kneepads, Lipton, sippin' the teabag
by b-rock78 June 22, 2009
when a guy tea bags you and shits on you at the same time

joke being that Liptons is shitty tea compared to others
When at a party and someone is passed out and a guy gives you a Lipton's
by ~treacle February 01, 2011
commonly confused for an awesome brand of various teas, it is actually hermaphroditic sex, often involving up to seven individuals having hermaphrodite sex in a huge hermaphrodite sex orgy.
Hermaphrodite one: "So I went to that lipton last night"

Hermaphrodite two: "Yeah I heard about that, I've

always wanted to go to a lipton"
by IgetTheFlag June 19, 2009

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