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When one of your friend pulls out their testicles and sets it on your forehead unsuspectingly.
Rico got lipton by Matt!
by Kevin Reyes February 07, 2006
Good mother fuckin' ice tea.
Spence: Eh Yo', I'm drinking Lipton's, what you drinkin B?
Pete: Nestea...
Spence: FUCK YOU!
by Splancer September 19, 2006
They make good yummy ice-t
by London August 17, 2003
To be used as a slang term when someone tea bags. (Sea: Tea Bag)
I gave that girl the Lipton treatment last night and the look on her face was priceless.
by Dexter October 02, 2003
1. A teabag, lickin da balls
I'm pimpin', bitches on kneepads, Lipton, sippin' the teabag
by b-rock78 June 22, 2009
when a guy tea bags you and shits on you at the same time

joke being that Liptons is shitty tea compared to others
When at a party and someone is passed out and a guy gives you a Lipton's
by ~treacle February 01, 2011
commonly confused for an awesome brand of various teas, it is actually hermaphroditic sex, often involving up to seven individuals having hermaphrodite sex in a huge hermaphrodite sex orgy.
Hermaphrodite one: "So I went to that lipton last night"

Hermaphrodite two: "Yeah I heard about that, I've

always wanted to go to a lipton"
by IgetTheFlag June 19, 2009
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