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Based on the word virginity, lipginity is the stae of being un-kissed. if you retain your lipginity, you have never been kissed
"Dude that girls a fucking slor! Last week, she still had her lipginity, and now she gives you brain if you smile at her. How fucked is that?"
by Rae Rae March 22, 2005
similar to virginity except relating to a first kiss.
can also be used as a noun decribing a person. (lipgin)
if you haven't lost your lipginity yet you should go make out with someone
by thegreatone1111111 April 29, 2010
When youve never kissed someone.
virginity of the lips
Mary: I lost my lip-ginity today.
Ann: With Mike?! EW
by Nanokein Valdron November 14, 2009
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