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Place you really, really dont want to be.
by bixxo July 18, 2006
A scary place, if you are entering one take great precaution. A double rap is highly recommended. A vagina with enormous amounts of foliage, possibly even migrating onto the inner thigh area. But sometimes this area can be one of the safest to explore, it is possible this cave has never been spelunked and the owner is unfamiliar with proper upkeep and preperation of the carpeted entrance.
I hooked up with this Arabian chick last night and man, I had trouble munching on that lions den, I had to put on a miners helmet to find the wetspot.
by Christobon December 18, 2007
at the state of extreme hunger to hover over ones food and eat ravenously will shoving massive portions of food into ones mouth...usually making grunting noises and rarely looking up from the food
"Yo Ev after the 'session' you went to the lions den on that lasagna, i heard you in the kitchen"..."Yeah i kno but i was mad hungry that shit aint stand a chance"
by mossham March 14, 2006
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