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Lint licking refers to the lint left behind by cotton panties on the target of the lint licker.

Sometimes refers to juvenile experimental lesbian activities, no longer practiced as an adult.
Judy publicly calling Sarah a "lint licker" was an embarrassing reminder of vigorous junior high experiments in lesbianism. As a church going wife and pillar of the community, those incidents simply were not to be mentioned as ever having happened...even if she had been rather forceful in her youthful attentions way back then. It wasn't as Judy hadn't ended up enjoying so much as to become a pest when Sarah had moved on to other more voluptuous targets.
by Bridget Bardot February 09, 2010
8 45
One who likes to lick the lint out of a fatass's belly botton!
Cody is such a lint licker, he was with Mark all night.
by bobby mcbooberpants August 02, 2007
31 157