1. an abbr. of linoleum, the floor covering.
2. the linesman in soccer
1. ers next door looks really posh now. she's got rid of the old beer cans and done it all up wiv lino.
2. darren "oi, lino, what's wrong wiv you? E was never offside."
dave "bring on stevie wonder!"
by theWestHamfan December 25, 2003
Top Definition
an all around nice guy loved and wanted by women of all SIZES especially large ones because of of his ability to satisfy them with his rough love
i should call lino he knows what hes doing
by homeboy795 February 28, 2010
Lino is uber
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
a single line of coke
had a couple lino's and i was good
by DWatson March 17, 2005
A cool kid who gets sexy bitchs.
I am a lino
by Qneef January 21, 2016
Line of coke.
Hey max, you rippin any lino's tonight?
by Chrizis April 24, 2016
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