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A phrase that marks a transition between related topics in internet conversation, used as 'speaking of' is used in spoken conversation.
matthewbroderickfan3: haha, check it out, it's the transformers bee car dancing to that awesome Crystal Castles song.

nathanlanefan64: linking of transformers, i am so sick of megan fox already. she's like a white trashier, tanner version of angelina jolie. plus, she's obviously retarded.

matthewbroderickfan82: yeah, doesn't she have the March issue of Guns & Ammo tattooed on her rib cage?

nathanlanefan91: yeah, and she said in Esquire, the magazine for men, that even though she herself is bisexual, she would never want to be with a woman who has also been with a man. the fuck?

matthewbroderickfan3: linking of Esquire, i would totally sleep with (Esquire columnist) chuck klosterman.

nathanlanefan64: and you KNOW he's been with a woman who's been with a man.
by slutputter91 May 29, 2009
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