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Fiercer than religious wars. Fought between two tweeps or more, using link after link,on what the truth about a subject be
My TL is being spammed by link wars about some content on Wikipedia

What do I do now? Two of my Twitter friends wont talk after a link war about grammar
by kaalika July 23, 2011
The emailing or posting of internet links to others with the purpose of supporting one side of a heated argument.
Joe writes his friend, "At xyz.com/mystudyisbetterthanyours, you can see how my point has been proven and many cases show clear cause and effect."
Mary responds to Joe and begins a link war by writing back, "More thorough research done by abc.net at abc.net/ha_ourstudyhadabiggersamplesize shows that the research in the xyz.link study has been proven to be causally insignificant."
by mprest November 28, 2009