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- a card used for buying food to support lower class families.

- goverment assitance .
- girl take this link card and get some groceries.
by DaRealDealJoe=) April 05, 2010
When a person is poor and in need of financial assistance, the state will sometimes provide funds for the purchase of food. The economically depressed person will be issued a "Link Card" which he or she can use as a debit card when purchasing food.

Unfortunately, the definition written by "makinde" was not correct. The Link Card is not for people in "rat infested" areas, nor is Chicago a poor excuse for a city. Further, Link Cards are not used only by "lazy" people.

Makinde needs to remove his or her prejudices before providing a a definition.
This link card works like a debit card. Use it to purchase food.
by Mathhelper June 26, 2011
A card used to buy food for folks who are very lazy and want to live on welfare and depend on the rest of the state to pay for them. Usually folks that come from rat infested places like North Chicago. Poor excuse for a city.
1.Excuse me ma'am are you going to use the link card because you are holding up the line with them 2 carts full of food. And we only have 2 cashier;s here at Aldi's
by makinde October 01, 2003
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