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A person who loves languages or the study of linguistics.

Composed of the prefix "lingui-" referring to linguistics, and the suffix "-phile" meaning to like or love.
A: Did you know Bob speaks 5 languages?
B: I don't doubt it. That guy is a linguiphile.
by NachoBiz February 09, 2013
someone who collects, or has a great love of words and how words go together.

Lingui - from linguistic
- phile from bibliophile
"I have subscribed to Urban Dictionary because I am a linguiphile."
by annette gagliardi December 11, 2007
The incorrect term for someone who loves words.
The lingui- prefix comes from the word linguistic, but there is no basis to make this determination when fusing the word linguistics with the suffix -phile. In any case, the root for linguistics is "Logo", which stands for "words". Therefore, a lover of words would more correctly be called a Logophile.
"Man. I just LOVE words. I'm a linguiphile."
"If you REALLY loved words, you'd know the word is "logophile", you fucking tool."
by SidWreck January 05, 2010
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