Another form of the ever popular, "circle jerk", where there are only two participants therefore forming a "line" instead of a "circle".

The two participants jerk-off together and when they have both completed the action, they have attained a "linear jerk". Although sometimes referred to as a "linear wank", in the United States it has been growing in popularity in dorm rooms everwhere under the term "linear jerk".
Eric and I were in our dorm room, and it was just us, so we did a linear jerk. Next time you should come and we can have a circle jerk!
by J-P- October 03, 2006
Top Definition
mutual masterbation, a variation on circle jerk
after all jake gyllenhaal films, a circle jerk must be performed in his honor. unless there's only two people, in which case it must be a linear jerk.
by Hizo October 08, 2006
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