a generous person, bearer of good tidings, a positive influence, a guiding light, a pillar, a tower of strength
I want a limuel to get me through this trial
by Irene December 23, 2003
Top Definition
a son of God, made a little lower than angels
behold, limuel
by Kate December 23, 2003
A french word pronounced "Le Mule". In english, it literally means "The Mule". This word implies that the person is well endowed with a big beef, hung like a donkey, the big dick
give me a limule anytime, baby!!!
by Dr Love December 23, 2003
A new sex drug currently on the third stage of the FDA spproval process. It is said to be much more potent than viagra and can give you an erection and increased sexual appetite for 24 hours straight with no side effects
Five women, give me a limuel and ...bring it on
by Dave December 23, 2003
a pretty boy with a hot body
I fancy that limuel
by samantha December 23, 2003
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