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A term of plagerism originating from Glasgow,Scotland after Brian Limond stole his older brother David's nickname (Limmy) and persued a career in comedy with obvious imitations of David's style,humour and wit.
"That Denis Leary has no shame whatsoever doing a 'LIMMY' and stealing Bill Hicks entire act"
by Tracey Marie February 02, 2010
A super duper hotrod,see Wldnas.
Shit man, thats one hot Limmy!
by Edgy August 03, 2004
a ladies man, a flirter, a charismatic figure
Gee, show me some limmy style so I can pick up chicks
by Limuel Swanson December 22, 2003
A fag band, with a screaming singer and a borrowed drummer.
"Gee, that band Limmy sucked!"
by A concerned friend. November 03, 2003
cute cute cute.....
God, that Limmy guy is so f*cking cute!!!
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
A very cute guy from Glassgow who have a wonderful website!
Boy, I'd love to take that Limmy home.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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