Top Definition
Laugh In My Brain.

What most people mean when they actually say lol.
Ronnie Barker: Fork 'andles!
Random guy/girl: :O LIMB!
by JAKAZiD September 24, 2006
Herb, reefer, pot, bud (cannabis)
"Hey, can you hook me up with some limb?"
by Diversity April 19, 2003
Laughing in my birthday suit
A slight variation of LOL, LMAO, ect...
Girl text "I cant believe you did that!"
Boy text back "LIMBS! You should have seen her face!"
by pumanator May 08, 2009
a spin off of lol or lmao but lying in bed. Generally means laying in my bed snickering
A lot of people have computers in their rooms and sit or lie in bed while iming. When something is funny noone laughs out loud everytime, sometimes you just lie in your bed and snicker..limbs
by BNyse May 28, 2008
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