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The act of making an Island of Toilet Paper in a person's toilet then taking a crap on top of it. This leaves the your heep of crap to smolder above the water and really stink up the bathroom.
" I went to Griffin's house and Pulled a Lily pad."
by "HardBody" April 27, 2003
A technique similar to the upper deck that is generally utilized in a public restroom where there is no tank to the toilet. Simply wrap the U seat with toilet paper and aim to place your best dump right in the middle for all to see. Can jump stalls to wipe or leave an opening to shove your TP in after you're finished.
The service at that restaurant sucked, I'm glad I left them a lily pad.
by Clark Westfield December 21, 2006
A safe landing spot when jumping off out of a tough situation. Frogs jump from pad to pad to avoid being eaten.
Jumping to a better job, to a different relationship, to a different living situation, all are jumping to a different lily pad.
by ApersonwhoiscurrentknownasRick January 21, 2012
The female equivalent of a bachelor pad
Hootie: Do you want to go get drinks at the bar?
Courtney: No, why don't we just pick up some wine and go back to my lily pad.
by radius.7 March 24, 2014
The act of using your pointer and middle finger, extended and held locked together, to swipe over another man's testicles to cause great pain. The proper lily pad is performed with great gusto, and the finger tips should only lightly graze the target's sack causing an extensive, lingering and explosive pain.
In order to make his first presentation as stressful as possible, Il Duderino gave the Big Ragu a brutal lily pad in the hall.
by original_wetfenner April 28, 2008
A forum made in 2003 for Legendary Frog's fans to have their own forum. They started out OK, but under the communist hand of Leon, the members became racist pricks and the mods became lazy. Thus becoming one of the most hated popular BBS's in history. Though not all members there are bad, it is still a place you should avoid registering to.
Forum member: Oh hey, I heard you're originally a member of the Lilypad. Welcome.

Lilypad member: I can see on your Myspace that you're half colombian. Let's hope you don't hack onto all our accounts. OK?
by Subcon July 25, 2006
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