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Dude look at that lesbo
ye shes such a lilf
i'd like to do that
by dcohen June 16, 2007
Linguini I'd Like to Fuck
Nothing gets me off more than going down to that dirty guinea Guiseppe's place to uncork my clam sauce on some of the lilf that he regularly serves up. Now that's a spicy meatball!
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
lemon id like to fuck
mmmm that lemon is BITTA what a lilf
by JAMEZzzzzzz November 06, 2007
Acronym for "lukiolainen I'd like to fuck".

Used in Finnish upper secondary schools do describe a hot female student.

"Lukiolainen" means sixth former in Finnish.
"Wow, what a LILF!"
"I would surely love to date that LILF!"
"Did you hear that Maria was voted the LILF of the year?"
by L I L F December 18, 2009
lawyer I'd like to f**k.
She's such a lilf, watching her read the tax code feels like foreplay.
by inacrunch April 27, 2009
Leg I'd Like to Fuck
"Woof. That's one sweet ass LILF. Woof bark."
by Kiyel May 29, 2007
lecturer i'd like to F***

Commonly used by university students who've dropped their standards and have a fetish for tweed jackets. Should not be confused with the Teacher antonym.
Mez: 'OMG what a LILF was he?!'
S: 'you're desperate.'
by Stan40101 February 07, 2011
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