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The junior organization related to National Activity Day (NAD) in San Francisco's Fort Mason park. Participants (lilNADders) train in a variety of disciplines such as running, hand-eye coordination, and root beer consumption. Members of lilNADers are similar to NADders except that they possess underdeveloped Basic Arial Leverage and Leaping Skills (B.A.L.L.S.). When they come of age, lilNADders must pass the two parts of the Basic Arial Leverage and Leaping Skills Demonstration of Ruthlessly Outstanding Performance (B.A.L.L.S. D.R.O.P.). At which point the lilNADder is awarded full membership and completes his inaugural lap around Fort Mason park as a true NADder.
"Dude... did you see those kids? I'm pretty sure one of them jumped on top of a building to catch a frisbee."
"What?!? That must be the lilNADs training. Whatever you do DO NOT MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT with one of the kids or you will forever be plagued with a severe sense of inferiority. That, and you'll have an inexplicable craving for Kraft blue box mac n cheese."
by evee746 February 04, 2010
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