Lil' Wayne

A 26 year old child with ADHD. Has a big ego, even bigger imagination, and an even bigger love for "Baby" AKA birdman AKA "dad". Wrote a lot of imaginative but crazy poems in special ed for his mom, which are now songs by him.
One day in 6th grade, Lil' Wayne came home from school on the short bus, and he showed his mother the poem he wrote for her in special ed. "I can mingle with the stars... and throw a party... on mars". She read it, put it on the fridge in front of his face, but when he left to "go number 2", she took it down and threw it in the trash. But Lil' Wayne had forgotten toilet paper and came back to get some and he saw what his mother had done. He went to sleep in the toilet that night.

The next day he finds himself alone, because he was a loner and had no friends. So he goes to a burger joint but gets beat up outside, the owner sees and offers him a free burger. He goes home crying, but a little happy. When he gets there, he finds his stepfather's gun and decides to end himself. But he's too stupid to shoot himself in the head so he shoots himself in the stomach and then realizes he's not THAT stupid to not feel pain. So he calls the cops, they save him. He gets a record deal, mom won't allow it, but he takes it up at 14 and starts his crap career (think I'm lying? google Lil' Wayne shot himself, actually google all you can about him).

Him and Birdman are fucking low key. Well birdman tries to keep it discreet but Lil' Wayne just throws it out there. "Weezy F baby" (Weezy fuckin' baby. The "F" was meant to be a "+" under the tree they first made out under but you know, Lil' Wayne can't spell, let alone carve, so they just ran with it).

Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite rapper!
by Montana Trax August 19, 2010
The best rapper alive, due to his highly versatile flow, his impressive freestyles, his ability to rap about anything, on any type of music (not all time to his advantage I admit ...), everybody sucks his dick (and I do not mean the fans), he works more than all those who hate, and he never claimed deliver a positive message or anything (he has always been "bling-bling" and claimed his love for the money, drugs ...). Moreover, the majority of its sounds are free, therefore we can not even say he is a miser.

But some people only knows Lollipop, or two or three shit about him, and thinks he just does/did that, like this, and those people creates violences and hates about it.

Compared to hip hop, it's sure that he is far from the archetype of perfect representative, but why would he?
He just says he raps better than anyone in the game, and nobody has achieved his performance, he works all the time.

By cons, to me, the most perfect of MC's isn't at all Weezy, it's Masta Ace (check "too young ^ ^) but it's just my fuckin' opinion. PEACE
Hater: Lil' wayne sucks, he kills the real hip-hop! :o

B-boy: Lol, Hip-hop was first based to do party, to have good times and all the shit, so what the fuck? :s
Any ways it's people who listen the shit who kill a culture, not the man who shit.

Haters: Ok, i agree but he glorify the violence.... It's not a good man, not like Tupac! ( a hater always need to credible his saying by naming famous or underground people in rap music like BIG, Jay-Z, Nas,Common ,Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique ETC... to prove he know about hip hop..).

B-boy: Dude, stop act like a fool, hip hop is bigger than two or three name, so stop repeat the same things. Could you say Eazy-E had got good influence? No, so why talk on Wayne? Because he is on top and you can supported it cause you don't like his shit( it's shit i agree, and i fuck Auto-tune and all the gay songs he's doing too much). He's the best because he do people enjoy and escape from the real life. I don't give a fuck if he's really Bloods, fuck who he wants... It's just music! For example he said himself he haven't too much time to fuck because he works!
If you want, it is the best on the form, not substance.
by B-Boy28 November 26, 2009
The ugliest dumb ass in the world who drinks cough syrup like water that needs to die or face reality and finally go to jail and get raped in the ass, the mouth, the ear, and hopefully that kills him.
lil wayne needs to die
by needs todie March 11, 2010
A rapper that uses cult leader traits. Dude can't rhyme, but tells everyone hes the best in every song and now got people believin it! His voice hasn't changed, and he is one of the main reasons why hip hop is dead. Constantly uses the same rhymes in every song and rhymes words with themselves alot. WRITES STUFF TO RHYME, as half of his stuff doesn't stay on a topic.
Me-Lil Wayne's freestyles ain't got nothin on Big L's!
Nas-Hip Hop is dead

"Jus spent a 100 of that brown paper bag money
It feel good to b yung money cash money
Rehab im addicted to fast money
I got stacks n rubberbands up in that"
If Wayne is so good why did he have to rhyme money with money with money? This dude SUCKS
by M-EZ` June 24, 2007
The reason why music is getting worse and worse. Consistently using the same lyrics and trying to act gangster. Biggest piece of shit i've ever seen.
People like Lil wayne need to be shitted on, burned and get their ear licked by a child with autism.
by SacredXXXXXXXXxxxx November 06, 2008
a retarded asshole who accidentally shot himself in the chest when he was 12 (what a dumbass). claims that he is the greatest rapper alive and got everyone to believe him, but in reality hes killing hip hop and he doesnt even know it. other than drop the world, all he talks about is sex and women and money. he brags in every song and they all contain a line that goes something like, "I________ like ________." that isnt original. all of his fans consist of elementary/middle school kids who only listen to tabloids and whatever the news tells them. the retard raps with autotune, which is stupid, and he thinks that he can combine rap and rock, which can only sound pleasing to the ear if combined correctly. lil wayne cant do that. also, in order to be a rapper, you have to take your music seriously. u can also occasionally rap about sex and money and partying, but you still have to take your music seriously. lil wayne does not do that.
lil wayne sucks ass heres an example of his overused punchline: "Shawty says 'I lick her like a lollipop.'"
by ag1997 September 13, 2010
Probably, no, definitely the worst "rapper" to ever be heard. This Line is in every single lil wayne song ever: "I'm ______ like ______" i'm not playin i listened to 10 songs in a row of his, every one had it. He only talks about himself and never raps about shit that means something. if you want real rap listen to the original rappers: Dre, Nas, Shady, Lupe Fiasco, Original Kanye, Xzibit, Proof, Tupac & Biggie.
I'm Like The Wind, I Blow.
There's a Great Lil Wayne Line For You.
by Mess2323 October 08, 2009
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