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An amazingly talented rapper who was born Dewayne Michael Carter Jr. in 1982. He was rececently released from prison November 4th :).To all of yall you hate him. thats fine but there is no reason for you to put it up on here, you can keep your opinons to yourself. i love his songs. i can always get up and dance to himm. plus he is really gorgeous and loves his fans. :). Enough Said.
Greatest rapper Alive.. Lil Wayne!.. Weezy Baby.
by lilwaynelover2011 November 09, 2010
Some say he the best rapper alive, some say he the worst. But in the end of the day he get money.
Enough said bout Lil Wayne.
by xX3M0_CHiCkXx June 21, 2009
The previous definitions for Lil Wayne (Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) are extremely biased and ignore his genius and success. He has made 9 albums, 23 singles, and 15 mixtapes. Not to mention well over 350 guest appearances. With a few film roles, numerous television appearances, and countless concert tours, he proves his mainstream popularity. In addition he has been given for 62 different awards and 129 nominations.

He also continues dominating the mixtape scene with over 2 million total downloads just from DatPiff.com alone, not to mention other sites.

He also created his own record label Young Money Entertainment, which has released (as of 9/5/11) 4 #1 albums.

So to sum things up:

Weezy= Best ever
Faggots who create bitch ass definitions saying he sucks ass = cocksuckers that need to die

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!! End of discussion!!

YMCMB, bitch!!
by Weezy_F_Baby September 05, 2011
According To Me Lil Wayne Is God!
by Johnny Chimpo The Third June 30, 2010
A rapper who started his career at a very young age. Wayne percieves himself to be the best rapper alive based on his freestyling talents and metaphors that shock veiwers and listeners. On April 06 07, on BET's tv show rapcity, there was a poll on if Wayne is the best rapper alive..the total polls were 86% to 14% in his favor. Even through his success in his career he recieves many haters, and critics
Steve: Whos your favorite rapper
Joe: Lil Wayne
Steve: Why?
Joe: Because i like the way he freestyles
by Kassim May 14, 2007
Unlike all the negative definitions of Lil Wayne aka Weezy aka Young money aka Mr. Carter, this definition will appreciate this rappers rhymes. Yes he does do metaphors but arent they amazing? He has a flow that i just dont see in any other rapper today. Take a look at his mixtapes, he manages to take any beat of a song and just somehow kill it. His flow is nasty. Examples are below:
"You niggas is sleeveless mane you cant hang with us"
"I bring new orleans out, o yea we marchin now"
"Concrete shoes wont help in the river, i dont care if you were michael phelps my nigga"
"She need a candle lit, and ima wax dat"
"You lil niggas so not in my bracket, and i dont even have time to practice"
Lil Wayne
by BigSmittz February 11, 2010
Lil Wayne (born, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) is a rapper born Sept 27, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up in the area of Hollygrove. Although lyrically not always the best rapper, he makes up for it with his personality and his songs that are worth listening to. His attitude and stage presence has made him one of the biggest rappers out there. He has made and been in over 100's and 1000's of songs, but there is the issue of quality vs. quantity. He has 6 studio albums, with 2 on the way, 10 official mixtapes, and 4 collab albums in the past 10 years which is an incredible amount of music, for 1 artist. Many of his haters are in no position to judge, because they listen to his shitty radio songs and think he's mainstream and overrated, they don't take the time to listen to his songs that go deeper than money, cars and woman. This may be a biased coming from a lil wayne fan myself, but I think his songs that are lyrically clever and original and have meaning make up for all the shit lyrics he puts out as well. He's been working towards his success since he was just 8 years old, and is dedicated and devoted to both his career and his fans. Many think he'll never compare to the timeless legendary rappers such as tupac, nas, biggie or even eminem, but in the end he deserves all the same respect as these rappers, because no matter how much we try to deny it, he was ambitious and has worked hard to be where he's at and I believe he deserves all his success and more.
Call me weezy baby, don't forget the baby.

Lil Wayne songs that in my opinion are worth the listen:

3 peat
la la la
love me or hate me
yeah baby
something that you forgot
sky's the limit
mr. carter
drop the world ft. eminem
pussy money weed
im me
get high rule the world
hustler musik
playing with fire

but it's all in one's opinion.

Weezy, baby. please say the baby. If not, don't ya motherfuckin' say it at all, bitch.
by ashleywazlike January 31, 2010