THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!! Lollipop-Shawty wanna thug Bottles in the club shawty wanna hump and oh i like to touch those lovely lady lumps she wanna lick the rapper
I love lil wayne.
by weezyfan#1 February 02, 2011
he can rapp about just about anything, from girls & money too real life things.
anyone who disagrees is definantley wrong because he sellls millions of albums, millions of people go too his concerts & he gets alot of girls, so hes obviously doing something right. yalll are just a bunch of jealous haterzzz since he prolly dresses waaay better & gets all the girls :D
by crack whore < 3 November 04, 2010
The sexiest man from this planet. Or from Mars, as he is a martian. People hate on him because of the simple fact that they can't be him. If he really didn't matter, why are you spending time writing full paragraphs about how much he sucks? He is a great contribution to the music industry. I will marry (or Fuck) that nigga one day.
Lil' Wayne is the fuckin beastiest man alive, therefore lames and haters blog about how much they hate him on websites like this one. Jealous Much?
by JealousyxKills December 11, 2009
An amazingly talented rapper who was born Dewayne Michael Carter Jr. in 1982. He was rececently released from prison November 4th :).To all of yall you hate him. thats fine but there is no reason for you to put it up on here, you can keep your opinons to yourself. i love his songs. i can always get up and dance to himm. plus he is really gorgeous and loves his fans. :). Enough Said.
Greatest rapper Alive.. Lil Wayne!.. Weezy Baby.
by lilwaynelover2011 November 09, 2010
Some say he the best rapper alive, some say he the worst. But in the end of the day he get money.
Enough said bout Lil Wayne.
by xX3M0_CHiCkXx June 21, 2009
The previous definitions for Lil Wayne (Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) are extremely biased and ignore his genius and success. He has made 9 albums, 23 singles, and 15 mixtapes. Not to mention well over 350 guest appearances. With a few film roles, numerous television appearances, and countless concert tours, he proves his mainstream popularity. In addition he has been given for 62 different awards and 129 nominations.

He also continues dominating the mixtape scene with over 2 million total downloads just from alone, not to mention other sites.

He also created his own record label Young Money Entertainment, which has released (as of 9/5/11) 4 #1 albums.

So to sum things up:

Weezy= Best ever
Faggots who create bitch ass definitions saying he sucks ass = cocksuckers that need to die

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!! End of discussion!!

YMCMB, bitch!!
by Weezy_F_Baby September 05, 2011
According To Me Lil Wayne Is God!
by Johnny Chimpo The Third June 30, 2010

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