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Hell No He Aint The Best Rapper Alive Cant Yall Remeber The Game Jim Jones Snoop Dogg T.i's Gettin Up There Swizz Beats And Ludacris Dont Even Get Me Started On Him He Has The Best Flow And Could Get Weezy Runnin Back For New Orleans...All These Lil Niggas Lettin Out This Shit And Now Heez Tryna Let Out Some Rock Shit Next He Gon Have A Boy Band..Hell Naw...! Oh An Immortal Technique Oh All The Rappers I Named They Bring It Back Because These Niggas Want It Back
"12 Year Old Boy Lookin At A Poster Of Lil Wanye- Ooo Lil Wayne Ive Always Dreamed Of Ridin Your Dick Please O Please!"

13 Year Old Girl Me *This Shows How Fast The Phase Gets Over With*-" Oh Shut The Fuck Up I Know You Were Up Wit Him And Birdman At His Last Concert Gettin Some Dick"

12 Year Old Boy- *Cries*
by xoxoSecciMamaxoxo May 12, 2009
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