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the cutest kitty in the entire world !!
Often stalked by the poop head Raab Himself
Who's the cutest ickle meow meow in the world ? You are , Key Key , yes you are !
by Amber September 11, 2004

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bam margera
RIP Key-Key!
Cat of Bam Margera, often stalked by Raab Himself!
Key Key would'nt know what to do in a Times Squuuuuuuuarw, oooraaaaaaaaahh
by Gem O February 23, 2004
bam margera's cat
lil' key key come take a bite outta the little can o tuna
by mo December 16, 2003
a very moving story of a icle little miaow miaow which raab himself took a shine to.
to be contuvred.........
by raab himself and raab herself March 08, 2004
Bam Margera's cat (now deseaced).
RIP Lil Key Key
by Rakeyohn November 03, 2003