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Certain elements in Canadian pop sensation LIGHTS's music that makes the song sound like dubstep, when it is just dubstep-influenced. Exclusive to LIGHTS only.
Everybody Breaks A Glass, Where the Fence is Low, Fourth Dimension (in the album Siberia)

Normal people: Distorted basslines! Dubstep!
by iheartlights October 13, 2011
An old fashioned way to describe a gay person.
Mavis and Madge were sitting in the marketplace waiting for the post office to open so they could collect their pensions. As usual, they were gossiping...

<Mavis> Did you know Mr Johnson from the butchers got caught smooching Mr Winslow from the grocers?
<Madge - checks over both shoulders nervously and whispers> WHAT?! I can't believe it! Although, come to think of it, he always has "walked with a light step".
<Mavis> Meh, I always knew he was a shirtlifter.
by HaroldChess August 03, 2010
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