Top Definition
when you beat up a prostitute a little bit
there was some serious lighthobuse on the mean streets last night, but it wasn't me man, i was home alone 2.
by militant mike August 20, 2003
to beat up a prostitute a little bit
hey are you a pimp

heck yeah i am a pimp

hey i just saw one of your hoes walking down the street looking sassy but she didnt have on no boots

oh hmmm interesting this does not bode well

yeah i know you always make them wear those boots

yeah i think i am going to have to scold her at least but it might require escalation

what else can you do

well i dont want to hurt her too bad

may i suggest a bit of lighthobuse

good idea i will only smack her around kind of
by weswordsmith November 04, 2010
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