The male "cougar". Adult male that dates, and possibly has sexual relations with women much younger than himself.
"Look at that man over there with those two hotties on his arm" "That man is a Liger"!!
by The Liger King March 21, 2010
The opposite of a tion (a mythical creature reproduced from a male tiger and a female lion), a liger is an animal that is bred from a male lion and a female tiger.

The word 'liger' is a mix of the words 'lion' and 'tiger.'
Dave: I wonder what would happen if you bred a liger and a tion together...

Jacob: Then you would get a tligon...unfortunately, tions do not exist.

Dave: Well, you know what? They should.
by ElectricPoop December 19, 2009
The lesbian version of a cougar. A lesbian in her 30s or 40s who chases after women in their 20s who may or may not be lesbians.
That liger's trying to pick up on a chick half her age!
by Daddy-0h December 30, 2009
Similar to a Cougar, a Liger is older transvestite who likes to prey on younger males in a sexual manner.
I was dancing in the club last night when this Cougar started grinding on me. I felt a strange poke and suddenly I know this was no Cougar, it was a Liger!
by Ben Turner May 30, 2008
A person with red hair, a ginger, that lies. Hence a liger.
Jim- Hey, look at that liger!
Steve- Ew! He is a ginger, and he lies!

Jim- He definitely is a liger!
by theJakegreatest July 08, 2011
A cross between a lion and a tiger. It is known to have mystical powers, referred to by Napoleon Dynamite.
Look at that liger roar. He's a beast!
by Martin Bryan January 06, 2006
1. Animal that shows up whenever you need an exscuse
2. Mythical half lion half tiger
3. My favorite exscuse
4. Very vicious but when it comes to fighting a total pussy
1. The liger ate my homework
2. The liger took your virginity
3. I just saw a fucking liger.....thats why i didnt do it
by TrueG0d July 21, 2010

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