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Next level type shit.
Well Tad... that switch double cork 1440 was just lifethereal.
by 01044 April 05, 2010
157 23

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Life ethereal... A life of adventure, dream and invention.

Pronounced: lĭfĭthûrŭl
Love the unknown, live lifethereal.
by 49_393 March 14, 2010
182 41
adj : something between life and dream, you can't explain it without the experience itself.
I almost died when my kayak flipped in the river and the current took me towards the waterfall some how i survived the rushing poop water, it was lifethereal.
by Minimalsckkool April 08, 2010
132 9
some NEXT level type shit
the sound of Empire Of The Sun is lifethereal
by macoca April 08, 2010
131 12
describing a viral phenomena where creative expression with genuine roots connects directly, without the need of words, to our brains and inspires a torrent of creativity throughout the world.

life to tha ethereal

and you can't buy it, it just IS
P1: "merton's chat roulette piano improv was so dope."
P2: Yea dude that was lifethereal (lif-eth-er-eal)...
by jamsjacquesHI April 09, 2010
129 12
use it to describe something stoked to the next level
the calm, lifethereal excitement of building sw
by radman2 April 08, 2010
133 20