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Life ethereal... A life of adventure, dream and invention.

Pronounced: lĭfĭthûrŭl
Love the unknown, live lifethereal.
by 49_393 March 14, 2010
185 49

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Next level type shit.
Well Tad... that switch double cork 1440 was just lifethereal.
by 01044 April 05, 2010
157 23
adj : something between life and dream, you can't explain it without the experience itself.
I almost died when my kayak flipped in the river and the current took me towards the waterfall some how i survived the rushing poop water, it was lifethereal.
by Minimalsckkool April 08, 2010
132 9
describing a viral phenomena where creative expression with genuine roots connects directly, without the need of words, to our brains and inspires a torrent of creativity throughout the world.

life to tha ethereal

and you can't buy it, it just IS
P1: "merton's chat roulette piano improv was so dope."
P2: Yea dude that was lifethereal (lif-eth-er-eal)...
by jamsjacquesHI April 09, 2010
131 12
some NEXT level type shit
the sound of Empire Of The Sun is lifethereal
by macoca April 08, 2010
131 12
use it to describe something stoked to the next level
the calm, lifethereal excitement of building sw
by radman2 April 08, 2010
134 20