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An alternative rock band consisting of four members that play melodic rock. Spiritual undertones may be debated.
Hey man, let's go to that Lifehouse concert and listen to some melodic rock with spiritual undertones.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
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beautiful alternative rock band with meaningfful lyrics. may not be appreciated by heavy metal fans or athiests. is known as one hit wonders by most people. i want my lifehouse back!
...and i want nothing more than to sit on heaven's door and listen to you breathing...
by ! February 16, 2004
Lifehouse (an awesome band);the rock and roll gospel
"Let's listen to the rock and roll gospel according to Lifehouse!"
by Lindsay June 15, 2004
An excellent band that show us what would have happened if Nirvana had of known God instead of heroin and revolvers.
I want to go to a Lifehouse concert because they rock!
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
A 3 member band (since 2002) consisting of lead singer Jason Wade, drummer Rick Woolstemhulme and bassist (new for their 3rd album) Bryce S.

They're a really good adult alternative rock band with meaningful lyrics and nice songs.
"Hey, are you getting the new Lifehouse album?"
by The Petri Dish Kid April 04, 2005
A wonderful band with very deep and meaningful lyrics. They talk about life, love, and Jesus Christ/God's only Son. And plus, Jason Wade is frikin hott!
Support Lifehouse's successful effort to bring some positive, deep, meaningful music into today's world.
by Jeri November 16, 2003
A planned Who concept album/rock opera similar to "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia" which was never totally realized. Many of the songs ("Baba O'Riley," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Join Together") were eventually released.
No one knows what it's like....
by [dp] leviathan March 27, 2005
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