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what do you get when you ko-hok twice?
hah yes, its lie-lie.
that girl who always say things that don't make sense.
and likes to butt into conversation.
she is also incapable of ordering a decent pizza lmao.
oh and she also gets furiously insane when a girl mentions something abt her brother. lol.
me: "who youre going to the prom with?"
girl 1: "i dont know you?"
lielie: "go with meeee!!!!"
me: err......
girl 1:.......

girl 1: hey, your brother looks nice.
me: yeah he's alrite.
girl 1: lielie can i ask your brother out.
(lielie gets furiously insane, puts on a grumpy face and stomp away)

haha jkjk dude.
by xanonoomousx April 26, 2007

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