A Mexican club in South Gate California. Guys dress like vaqueros (mexican cowboys). Girls wear hoochie attire (showing skin). Competes with El Parral, Potreros, and Rodeo
I love going to Lidos. I always hookup with some fine mexican hoochies here
by oldriverschool August 09, 2007
Top Definition
another way of saying the word little,
a slang
yeah. cause ima lido baaaaby! :]
by captinkorea January 21, 2008
best italian restaurant anywhere. located in springfield, MA
mom: we're going to lido's tonight!
kid: YAY!!!!!
by yoursexy August 23, 2004
the best drink ever if you feel like being dero. Tastes good mixed with the most dero drinks you can think of like passion pop
i like lido, i like lido and ceda and LA ice!
by Pippaa December 17, 2006
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