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New York City term for trashy dim bulbs from Long Island -- hence the L-I in the term -- who invade Manhattan in droves every weekend. The opposite of, and a relaliation to, the middle-class snobs in the Hamptons who call City residents who vacation there in the summer "cidiots."
We decided to stay away from our favorite bar last weekend because when we arrived it was filled top-to-bottom with drunken, tubby lidiots acting obnoxious and picking fights with each other.
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005
The name of a fictional resturant in the movie "LA Story".
The resturant Lidiot, in the movie "LA Story", captured the feel of LA, and general California nuttiness.
by Dangermouse69 August 04, 2006
A contraction of 'Linux idiot'. Used to describe someone new or particularly inept at working with the Linux operating system.
Harry crashed the Linux server again. He's a complete lidiot.
by Dangermouse69 August 04, 2006
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