Sucks in comparison.
Made famous from the Movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. They're standing outside a convenience store they don't like.
Jay: "This place licks balls compared to the Quik Stop."

Me: "Their church choir licks balls compared to ours."
My son: "Mom, that's not very Christian-like."
Me: "Um, OK. The Devil licks balls compared to God."
My son: "That's better."
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009
Top Definition
the art of being something, lousy, terrible, lame; not very good
"Do you like Guns n' Roses?"
"No, they lick balls"
by Captain Undies November 08, 2004
This slang phrase originated in the North of England, and literally means 'rocks'. From the latin 'kicks ass'....
Guns'N'Roses lick balls....
Hazza does not lick balls
by H.Monkey November 03, 2004
the ultimate term to express how absolutely great and fantastic something is.
see also ball-lickin' good
"that totally licks balls"
"does that mean it's good?"
"yes, of course. how could it possibly mean anything else?"
"i see your point"
by Chairwoman Mao Mao November 04, 2004
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