a Trick Question meaning "lick a dick a day". in order to obtain its full effect word must be be said in a fast manner to someone with a lower social status than yourself.
you: "wagwan breh, do you lickadickaday?"
recipient: "Umm...yeh" - (not knowing what it means)
by penguin91874 January 18, 2008
Top Definition
An old prank played in school playgrounds since time began. Involves asking someone if they 'lickadickaday'. If lucky, the person becomes confused and although not fully understanding, will say yes anyway.
RTJ: Herman, do you lickadickaday?
Hermanator: Yeah
RTJ: You're Bent - you lick-a-dick-a-day
Hermanator: Piss off
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
this is meant as joke and when said fast to another person it is pronounced as liga-digga-day. this hopefully will confuse the person ito saying yes.
hey mate do you lickadickaday?!


do you lickadickaday?!


ahhh your gay you lick-a-dick-a-day!
by nedimiester June 08, 2011
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