An act which must be completed before another act, such as kickin it, is performed.
You gotta lick it, before we kick it,
you gotta get it soft and wet so we can kick it.
by ahpeeyem March 14, 2004
Top Definition
Female version of "suck it"
guy: whatever you bitch, just go suck it

girl: you can shut the fuck up, and lick it
by Robz69 August 25, 2007
1) A state when your toungue moves over an object, usually food.

2) A state of when a male or female sticks there toungue inside of a females vagina or on a males penis, causing sexual plearure.
1) Oh my god, Karen. Why did you lick that pencil?

2) Oh, thats right! Lick it baby!
by xx_BlackCat_xx June 11, 2008
ok well in the move Black christmas one of the people says lick it, so we always use it when people are licking something like a lolly pop!
my friend was likcing the lolly pop and we said, ""
by Sarah May 02, 2004

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