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translates as 'thank you for your opinion but your input is no longer required'
1st "I reckon George Bush is a really great guy"
2nd "Go lick a dick."
by Striker June 25, 2004
As my favorite insult, it means shut up and go give sum one head you ho
Guy:you bitch!
Gurl:Go lick a dick!
by TooF PiC August 01, 2004
an insulting way to say to a smut go give sum one head.
lick a dick bitch.
by Toof Pic June 25, 2004
to qulicky give a blow job like in a public restroom and in a pubic place.
dude yeaster day my girl gave me a lick-a-dick.
by the guy that wrote this shit February 17, 2009