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translates as 'thank you for your opinion but your input is no longer required'
1st "I reckon George Bush is a really great guy"
2nd "Go lick a dick."
by Striker June 25, 2004
An undefinable god-like person dwelling in a dark, trance-like state of mind, who revels in challenges.
Striker scilently yet lethally put down his opponent from the shodows before scanning the scene for his next victim.
by Striker April 03, 2005
The last thing you see playing HL-mod-NS, or BF1942-mod-DC

The one who brings pain to the wanabees and plesure to there women

The one who shamlessly promotes himself on a interesting dictionary site.
I cant belive Striker got me again.....OMFG H4x !!!!
by Striker May 19, 2003
An short asian who enjoys blowjobs from any male he can get
Striker likes Jackie Chan since they are of the same race and Jammer is also a fav.
by Striker April 18, 2005
what you get when you have sex with a chick with a yeast infection
I Spotted the monostat 7 and realized....I Had a corn dog
by STriker January 29, 2003

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