Being so open minded that your brains have fallen out
America cannot negotiate or have open dialogues with terrorist, but if your liberal you believe it is an option.
by Centennial Eric February 01, 2009
Bitch and whine about everything and are never happy, complain about how the government is doing things when they themselves would do fifty times worse. They are stupid and should never be listened to. They are manipulated by the Media and worship John Kerry.
Shut the fuck up you stupid liberals. God! Why don't you just shut up and suck my mother fuckin dick? Lame Asses. Fuckin losers. Bitch ass niggas!
by ME October 31, 2004
Term for an American communist/socialist who loves to kill un-born children, steal money from hard working people who earn their money through hard work and give it to the lazy undesireables of society, force religions to perform acts against their beliefs, distribute and smoke marijuana, take away all means of protection from Americans so Americans would be unable to defend themselves against a corrupt government, let the eldery die, allow people to marry and have sex with anything they want to such as animals tvs xboxs pinneapples etc, arrest anyone who opposses the government in power, allow terrorists to be hidden in American society, allow all murders to be released from prison and be given tax dollars to become part of society once again to kill, and enforce a totalitarian state of liberalism.
The liberal government stole money from the successful doctor to give a dropout from highchool addicted to narcotics a monthly check to buy more narcotics.
by A moderate July 18, 2012
People on the left wing who support:

the 1st ammendment
the enviroment
freedom from oppression
not bombing people

unluckily though, most people who say they are liberal, are whiny tenagers who are just doing it to go against the norm.

not to be confused with democrat, which tho more liberal than conservative, are still mostly to the right.
Bush -Republican-worse than kerry
by Pie is good May 02, 2005
People who are too ignorant, greedy, and/or stupid to see what needs to be done to make America prosperous again. They hide under the guise of peacemakers, civil rights protectors, etc to fool the people to fuel their cause. Under their masks of good will, all they want is money, even if it means double crossing America. You need to wake up, America. The liberals write our school textbooks to rewrite history, they want to take away rights in the Constitution, and want to take away the American peoples rightful power to control the government
Liberals: Vote for Gay Marriage!!

Sensible person: You don't even give a shit about the gays or anyone but yourself for that matter
by crawler001 May 14, 2011
Includes the following:

1. Youth/Ignorance - Naive, easily deceived, listen to mommy and daddy and what they say about the bad man in Washington D.C.

2. Self-entitlement mentality - The government owes me this and that. Gimme gimme gimme gimme. Fraudulent welfare checks and social security payments abound.

3. Foolishness - Let's give money to third world nations that won't use the money to help said nations - just to fuel those in power.

4. Apathy - nothing in the world is worth fighting for. Let everyone else suffer under tyrants as long as we have our drugs and our booze.

5. Prey on minorities - Vote for me, all you blacks and mexicans, and I'll put money that you didn't earn into your pockets! (NOT.)

6. Redistribution of wealth - take money from those who earn it and give it to those who don't do fuck all. See "entitlement mentality."

7. Irrationality - anyone who favors the other side or merely disagrees with a liberal is racist, politically incorrect, stupid, and naive for not having seen Fahrenheit 9/11 .
The state of this nation will not change with the presidency. The problems are still here - they didn't leave with George Bush. Everyone, especially liberals, wants to blame someone else for their problems, a scapegoat, if you will. The problem is the people. We have to better ourselves if we want a better future. No one is going to give it to us on a handout. It's not going to just drop out of Obama's ass like so many naive college students and Bush-haters believe. Everyone will have to work for it. Cut the liberal bullshit now.
by the Nucleo tide February 02, 2009
Individuals that aline themselves with the left or more progressive part of the 'political spectrum' (Democrats, Communists, etc)

Usually have the best interests of society in mind, according to their professors, and tend to be more educated however more naive than their conservative counterparts. Because of this, liberals seem to have a higher sense of 'douche' than normal partisans. The ability to quote their favorite alcoholic intellectual heightens this sense and gives them the authority to look down on their lesser, more Moderate Independent peers.
Hippies tend to be liberal.

Hipsters tend to be liberal.

Hormone stuffed teenagers tend to be liberal.

Everyone on MSNBC is liberal
by tehoneguy June 22, 2012

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