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An illusion of fear created by democrats to make liberal policies come to

Global warming- Scientists say October 2009 was coldest on record in North

America. However, Al Gore go to the UN during a blizzard wanting to save trees

so he uses the global warming card as a liberal ploy.

Swine flu- The democrats are making swine flu seem like a larger international

crisis than the black plague. No more deaths will come of swine flu than regular

flu. In spring 2010, liberals will use swine flu as a success story in a liberal

ploy for universal health care.

2009 Stimulus package- Obama wanted to reinvest in the economy through

infrastructure and jobs. However he invested in millions in saving animals in

California (Pelosi country). What a liberal ploy.
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy November 19, 2009
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