The worst thing about Linux. Libraries.
Apt-get install package A.
Dependency needed: libblah
apt-get install libblah
Dependency needed: lib2.4
apt-get install lib2.4
Dependency needed: libblah
by DavidLeeRoth July 20, 2005
Lei It Be
lib, i know about you.
by Latyga Obigarardo January 04, 2015
An abbreviation on the word "library", often used to make the prospect of work more enticing.

Less cool people refuse to use the word and prefer to call it the "larry" instead.
"Hey guys, anyone wanna come to the lib with me to print off my philosophy homework?"
"Sure thing dude, sounds like a rave!"
by Boom Shaka February 10, 2012
L.I.B. stands for "laugh in brain". People dont acctually LOL "laugh out loud". They laugh in there brain. So people have to stop LOL'ing and do something more true. LIB
Tom: Dude I Just Totally SLipped And Fell On Rocks.
Jerry: L.I.B.
Tom: Ya, It Sucks ass
Jerry: L.I.B. Dude Your A Moron.
by MarioCanDoAnything January 21, 2010
A liberal; Libs, plural form, fully said as liberals. This is an immoral person who claims to be a so-called "Progressive", when they are actually incredibly bigotted themselves. In fact, a great majority of them don't understand, and usually don't care about those who have mental disabilites, or those with emotional disorders (though some of them do). This is just one way in which a Lib is a hypocrite.
by Fuck All U Bitches April 17, 2005
Lazy way of saying 'liberal'.
God damn Kerry libs gon appease them terrorists
by one of you November 06, 2004
"i hate that i get mad at my lib for so many things"- used on websites such as,, etc...
by Tonks17249 August 16, 2010

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