The most terribly managed high school in the world. Filled with drama, sluts, whore's, assholes, bitche's, nagging teacher's & dumb pointless school work.

Lincoln High School Suck's Balls.
Located in Wisconsin Rapids.
Student; LHS sucks balls.
by Annoymousssssssssssssssss January 20, 2013
Top Definition
lhs is short for 'lets have sex'
girl: hey, lhs
guy: okay.
by lshtomorrow August 04, 2009
Stands for Leominster High School -- located in Leominster, Massachusetts. Home to some of the most talented and athletic people placed in one of the shittiest buildings.
"Holy crap; did a shovel just fall from the ceiling?!"

"Welcome to LHS."
by sin duda July 06, 2009
Otherwise known as Lunch Hot Spot. This is typically chosen by the coolest of the cool. It changes daily typically between Wendy's, Hardees, Quizno's, Shane's Rib Shack, Monster Slice, Mc D's, and Taco Bell.
Dude 1 - 'LHS?'
Dude 2 - 'Wendy's'
by Theofrid February 20, 2008
called "left hand special" which refers to a sex act that a left-handed girl would be most accustomed to in European cars.
"Dude when we're in England, I'm making her give me an LHS"
by the real ben franklin May 13, 2006
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