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L = Lesbian
G = Gay
B = Bisexual
T = Transgender
Q = Questioning
I = Intersex
P = Pansexual
A = Asexual

- A woman sexually attracted to women
- A man sexually attracted to men
- A man sexually attracted to men
- A woman sexually attracted to women
- A woman born as a man but who identities as a woman
- A man born as a woman but who identifies as a man
- Somebody who isn't sure of their sexuality, trying out different options and seeing what feels good and natural
- Somebody born with genitalia that is a mixture of male and female
- Somebody who feels sexually attracted to everything, including non humans
- Somebody who doesn't feel sexually attracted to anyone
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning Intersex Pansexual Asexual lgbtqipa
by lets_do__it_together November 27, 2013
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