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An abbreviation for (Lesbian Gay Bisexual): usually with reference to chat rooms
"Naw, I'll stay home and be in an LGB chat room"
by Jaywalker June 25, 2005
stands for "low-grade booty", a term used to describe a person, activity, or action that would be considered less than top-shelf.
The menu at Applebees is LGB.
by SuperFlySmack April 25, 2005
An abbreviation for "Let's go Bucks!" Referring to the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Brutus: Did you hear about that win over Purdue?

Gordon: Hell yeah! LGB!
by LGBucks October 20, 2012
A term commonly used by people that play video games for a quick to call someone a Little Gay Bitch.
Man, you played like a L.G.B last night.

That L.G.B. is camping are spawn again.

Your mom is a L.G.B… in bed.
by Nope0 December 05, 2011
Stands for "Las Gangstas Bonitas", which means, "The Pretty Thugs". A popular all-girl gang in Northern Michigan. You have to be asked to join. And perform certain tasks WELL. If you refuse the offer, you will never get another chance. These LGB girls do NOT play around. Get on their bad side, and you will be sorry.
"Man, did you hear what the LGB girls did to Mac's girl?"
by Lexia (Proud ass LGB girl) July 24, 2008
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