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a lesbian with bohemian style; buzz cutt to long locks but always at least slightly feminine, skull or floppy kap/hat, few tats, minimal visible piercings, peasant or flowing dresses, birkenstocks (hopefully without the socks), hemp or other handmade jewelery, janice glasses. always wear undergarments; no commando's here. unfortunately, can forget shaving is so de riguer. no one likes fuzzy pits or furry dugouts. urban; uses public transpo or fully approved lez-mobile like suburu or saturn. has laid-back somewhat conservative approach to life. never a bull dyke, mostly pure johnna or lipsticker. some are attractive to straight guys and many are bi-sexual when not in company of overbearing or controlling sista's. always 4:20-friendly.
early stevie nicks is lipstick v1.1, late janis, anytime joni mitchell or edie brickell; annie d' is modern example of a lezbohemian.
lez b/h-1: lets take the 'ru to a b-n-b in the hills saturday and watch the dolphins migrate.
lez b/h-2; dreamy...
dude1 to lez2(lipstick): yo freakin' smoke, mon ami.
dude2: u cant knock that, she's a fuzzy monkey.
lez b/h-1; hands off my 'ru-girl, slack boy! we're tightened up. but u r kinda cute....
by cosmokid November 07, 2007
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