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Adorable nick name usually accompanied by a beautiful girl.
Dang...that Lexie's got style man!
by Jag III November 14, 2004
954 332
An attractive, sweet, sexy girl that casts a love spell on unsuspecting young males who cannot resist her. She is confident, outgoing, and cares about others...who wouldnt fall in love with her?!
Boy1: I hope Lexie says yes when i ask her out tonight.
Boy2: I dunno man i asked her out 3 times and she has said no everytime, but shes just so cute i cant stop asking.
Boy3: There is no hope guys, shes taken, the good ones always are!
by vdog10 November 09, 2006
741 293
a small woodland fairy that steals FiberOne bars from little children.
Did you just see that Lexie flutter by? that was crazy!
by mmac809 August 29, 2008
696 300
The cutest, sweetest kid in the world! I luv u lex!
"I'm hangin with my friend today."
by the strange one December 24, 2003
725 408
the most awesome person ever
she freaking rocks everyones socks off
that girl is being so lexie
by hannah hidalgo May 10, 2008
569 275
a hot sexy usually short girl that can get every guy she wants, also the love of most guys life and a girl that can change you life forever
sexy lexie, hot body and nice ass!
by cha cha cha chalkky July 08, 2009
390 170
A beautiful girl that has an awesome since of humor and spiritual qualities. She also has a great body and the best butt you can think off.
Man i want to spank that girl Lexie!
by KLOL42 February 02, 2010
351 132